The Death of Qantas or is it UnAustralian?

Death of Qantas

According to the announcement this morning it sounds like the death of Qantas is imminent. The loss of 6000 jobs will hit the Australian economy hard.

There are loud cries of this news being “UnAustralian”. It was probably inevitable that there would be job losses as Covid19 cases swell again in the states that relaxed restriction too soon. Couple this with the thousands of protesters that took to the streets for the “Black Lives Matter” campaign and it is little wonder that the economy suffers again.

Even though there are entire families that will lose their positions in Qantas, the blame for the job losses, which are terrible, is not the fault of mismanagement.

Neither do I believe it to be “UnAustralian”.

Hundreds if not thousands of small businesses are struggling to keep afloat. Many have already closed their doors for good.

All of these losses and hardships are the fault of Covid19.

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