Space Shuttle Challenger Astronauts

Do you recall space shuttle Challenger and it’s astronauts?

The Challenger space shuttle was manned by seven astronauts. It was the second space shuttle to be put into service and was built by Rockwell Industries in California.

The Challenger blew up and disintegrated just 73 seconds after launch. All seven astronauts were killed in the disaster.


The astronauts who lost their lives on that day were:

  • Michael J. Smith
  • Dick Scobee
  • Ronald McNair
  • Ellison Onizuka
  • Christa McAuliffe
  • Gregory Jarvis
  • Judith Resnik

Space Program

The space program has continued since then by means of conventional rockets. And the program may facilitate things you would not be likely to think.


Such as a project with the acronym “S.W.O.T.” which stands for Surface Water and Ocean Topography. The satellite is due for launch in April 2021. The satellite will cover 90% of the Earth’s surface water and provide detailed data over time showing high-resolution ocean measurements. This will be an aid in monitoring the Earths water resources and help with producing accurate models for climate change and how the oceans circulate around the world.

The project will cost an estimated $112 million USD for the launch itself, with tracking and the processing of data.

Mars Curiosity Rover

The vehicle dubbed the Mars Curiosity Rover continues to explore the red planet and send back images and data to NASA not only of Mars but also of Earth. Images of Earth taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover show Earth as being brighter than any star in the Mars night sky.