Will we ever learn – Shelves Stripped Bare!!

Will We Ever Learn – Shelves Stripped Bare

Once again, its shelves stripped bare, and the Australian public have proved themselves to be “panic merchants.” The moment the discussion started about the possibility of a lock-down due to COVID-19, with transmission amongst the public in Victoria, people were once again panic buying staples, and just about everything else, from the supermarkets.

Coles and Woolworths had to introduce limits on toilet paper to name only one item that shoppers grabbed in a frenzied rush to stock up. Why is it that people do not accept the facts, widely stated in the media, that there are plenty stocks coming through in the supply chain?

In WA there was a new outbreak or cluster that caused wide concern and a hard lock down in the Perth Metro, Peel and Southwest regions. You would think that a war had been declared and people would be getting ration books or something.

It is high time that the supermarkets of Aldi, Cole’s, IGA, Woolworths and the rest had the power given to the manager of the store to impose purchase limits on items as they see fit, without needing to wait on a directive from the head office.

And the only reason this is needed is because the public are “panic merchants.”

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