Pandemic War Games

Pandemic War Games

For twenty years before the Covid-19 Pandemic countries played “Pandemic War Games.” These games forecast poorly controlled travel bans, desperation for vaccines and disputes between leaders. The United States was expected to perform well in a Pandemic. This clearly has not happened.

*Like all pandemics, it started out small. A novel coronavirus emerged in Brazil, jumping from bats to pigs to farmers before making its way to a big city with an international airport. From there, infected travellers carried it to the United States, Portugal and China. Within 18 months, the coronavirus had spread around the world, 65 million people were dead and the global economy was in free fall. (*text from the full article)

Named Event 201, this war game took place in New York City before a panel of academics, government officials and business leaders in October 2019. Those in attendance were shaken — which is what Ryan Morhard wanted who is biosecurity specialist. He worried that world leaders weren’t taking the threat of a pandemic seriously enough.

Then along comes coronavirus, just two months later.

Wash hands thoroughly and often


Follow the hygiene requirements in your state


The war games showed where failures may occur and have actually done so in the COVID-19 management.
It is no longer a war game.
There are over 200 epidemics each year worldwide. It seems that it was only a matter of not if but when it would happen.

Covid-19 stats today
Deaths 712K up 5,134 overnight
Confirmed 19M up 212K overnight
Recovered 11.5M

Beating Covid-19

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Article by Amy Maxmen & Jeff Tollefson