MKR Scandal Erupts History Is Made

MKR Scandal

#MKR Scandal erupts and history is made. I am sure you will all agree that in the shows long running history there has never been a more ridiculous scene than that of Sonya and Hadil fighting verbally with fellow contestants, Jess and Emma.

#mkr scandal

There have always been contestants trying to create an MKR scandal by denigrating the cooking efforts of their fellow competitors. You may well also agree that the shows producers, or whoever it is that chooses the contestants, can shoulder some of the blame for last nights debacle. I feel sure that they set the show up with contestant’s whose personalities will rub each other up the wrong way.

I sat watching in disbelief as Sonya in particular seemed to be trying to stir things up through the early stages of the meal. On the other hand, we have Sonya threatening at least four other MKR contestants pointing at them and uttering loudly “I’ll come for you” repeatedly.

Kim and Suong’s hospitality

I feel sorry for Kim and Suong whose hospitality was ruined because of childish behavior. It probably affected their ability to concentrate and deliver top-notch food to the guests. I could see Manu’s face getting very red and have to applaud him, Pete and most of the others for controlling their emotions. At the end of the day, Manu had to tell Sonya and Hadil: “You are excused from the table”.

I hope that channel 7 do not bring back the two miscreants. It would only put decent Australians off the show altogether.