Loo Rolls – Give It A Rest!

Loo rolls in high demand

It appears that loo rolls are still flying off the shelves in supermarkets. They are extremly difficult to obtain if, like me, you simply cannot run to the aisle where they are located in the supermarket. You would think that they were a tradeable commodity that you could use as money.

Our population seem to have forgotten that there are alternatives available.

There are tissues, baby wipes, kitchen rolls and if all else fails, newspaper.

Loo rolls substituted with newspaper, Ouch!

That is what you would think. But newspapers have been used in the past as a sub for loo rolls. “The technique” employed is to tear off a section of newspaper roughly the same size as a sheet of toilet paper. You then crumple it up firmly, flatten it out, and crumple again. Do this three or four times and you will have an acceptable, perhaps not perfect, substitute for the humble loo roll.

It does work. I have tried it, so come on guys, give it a rest!