How To Set Up Your Art Shop

Setting Up Your Art Shop + Creating Products

To create your first product with good SEO for Google:


  1. Click “Products” then “Add New Product”
  2. In the Product Name give your product a name. Lets say “Harbour Sunset”
  3. Upload a picture. The upload form says max 32mb. It is best to ignore that and upload a file under 1mb since the site will automatically resize your photo anyway and uploading a smaller file will result in a speedier set up.
  4. Enter a price. (You can later reduce the price for a scheduled amount of time if you wish’)
  5. Select a category from the drop down box.
  6. Select two product tags
  7. In the next field enter a short description.
  1. After the page refreshes, scroll down and enter a full detailed description in the “Description” field in this format for good Google SEO (Search Enging Optimisation)

Select Bold for the heading

Harbour Sunset

and start the description with the title eg:

Harbour sunset is a tranquil painting of the Sydney Harbour Bridge etc

  1. Tick the sold individually box (to prevent two sales at the same time)
  2. Optionally enter a message to the buyer to be included in the email they receive after buying art.
  3. OPtionally untick the product reviews box
  4. Save the product

Your work has now been submitted for review and will be live on the site normally within a few hours.

You will receive an email when it is published

You can delete it yourself if you sell it elsewhere