How To Live a Happier Life | SVPERHVMAN Ep. 010

How To Live a Happier Life | SVPERHVMAN Ep. 010

This is the last episode of Season 1 of Svperhvman, and I want to talk about your overall happiness and how you could maybe be a little happier. This episode is technically a remake of a video I did a while back (before Svperhvman was a thing) talking about the same subject. This is episode 010 of Svperhvman.

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If you didn’t have time to watch the whole video, here’s a recap:

(1) Try letting things go that would normally bother you, especially the little stuff. Holding onto anger doesn’t help anyone.

(2) Accept yourself for the person that you are. Life will be much easier that way.

(3) Practice sharing your feelings with other people around you on a regular basis, even if those feelings seem small and insignificant.

(4) Be grateful that you’re alive, and be grateful that people love you.

(5) LOL Whorey Potter.

The outro song is “Fred Astaire” by Fat Damon:

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