George Floyd Riots and President Trump

George Floyd Riots Continue

President Trump Does Nothing

The appalling behaviour of the police officer who killed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck for well over 8 minutes deserves to be punished.

The officer has been charged with 3rd-degree murder. This is not sufficient in the eyes of the protesters. They want the other officers charges too. There is plenty of vision around that shows the other officers at the scene simply standing around watching.

In America, the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has been handled badly as can be seen by the number of deaths by COVID-19. This has no doubt caused a great deal of frustration and anger and the way President Trump and his administration have handled the outbreak.

President Trump

The US president has now twice tried to shift the blame for his inadequacies to the World Health Organisation. No other democratic nation appears to be doing so. That leads to the summation that President Trump is to blame. had he not blatantly ignored the warnings, the American COVID-19 toll may well have been less severe.

A great deal of nervousness and frustration the American people have endured over the pandemic months meant that the country was sitting on a ticking bomb waiting for a catalyst to ignite it.

That catalyst came in the form of police brutality and racism with the killing of George Floyd. In fact, it is the same police force department found guilty of the murder of Australian woman, Justine Damond, in Minneapolis.

30 cities are being burnt, vandalised and smashed to pieces. And what does the president do?

Does he behave the way you would expect a country’s leader to? No.

He says when the looting starts the shooting starts, or we have armed forces ready to take action if “they” want us to.

Instead of spouting rhetoric, he should be in crisis talks with his peers and driving the country towards stability instead of going of to watch the SpaceX rocket launch. Twice!

I have not heard any audio of the murder and it may be the case that they were telling the killer to ease up. If that is so, perhaps they shouldn’t carry the blame too. I cannot say.

The president has allowed this situation to escalate unhindered and uncontrolled for too long.

Is America about to have another Civil War?