Frustration In Nursing And Aged Care Professions

Frustration In Nursing

A great deal of frustration in nursing still exists in today’s world. Covid19 has not helped matters at all.

I know that it is only natural that you experience frustration in probably any industry or profession. Healthcare is one where it needs to be resolved.

There is a large amount of anecdotal evidence that the frustration experienced by nurses is caused by doctors still treating nurses as lesser beings but possibly worse, doctors in hospitals tend not to listen to the patient properly. Therefore they do not fully comprehend the patients’ problem and anxiety.

Our nurses, on the whole, are caring and compassionate people. There are a few who are somewhat thoughtless though. I have experienced this myself.  But that should be told elsewhere.

Our nurses do a fantastic job and are mostly appreciated by their patients. Then there are the grumps. They will abuse nurses yelling at them if they do arrive the instant the bell is pressed by the patient. Patient is the wrong word really. It should be impatient.

Then we have the drunks and drug addicts who verbally abuse the person who is attempting to save their lives. They also hit and spit on the nurses and also the doctors in the ER.

Let us take an example of a person experiencing back pain so severe that they cannot stand let alone walk. The nurse will regularly check on the patient in a caring and understanding manner.

Then comes along the doctor who may be under pressure due to patient load and very short on time. He rolls said patient onto his side roughly to check the rectum when the patient says he suffers from constipation and unceremoniously thrusts a gloved digit in there to check if the rectum is blocked. He has to do this, but does he really have to do so unannounced?

Again, this causes frustration for nursing staff

frustration in nursing

Frustration in nursing

The frustration is two-fold. Firstly they are frustrated with the doctors “manhandling” of the patient. Secondly, they are frustrated by the doctors barking instructions to them and then proceeding to the next bed without any attempt to put the patient at ease.

Now, this is not true of the doctors in the ER department. I have never met a doctor in that area who does not show real empathy. Neither nurses nor doctors deserve any of the bullshit that they have to put up with from the minority groups such as grumps and druggies in the ER.

In the ward situation, it seems that some of the doctors are as the one described earlier. Not all, thank God.

There are a few bad nurses around who will do the bare minimum through the shift which pushes workload onto the majority of nurses who truly care and are in the job for all the right reasons.

Many nurses are asked (perhaps that should be expected) to do double shifts. I know we are still short of nurses. That will not change without things improving such as better remuneration (to attract more to the calling), being paid the deserved respect by their patients, peers and superiors (doctors).

Virtually all of the above can be applied to aged care workers. But that is a sad saga in itself so I will discuss that later.

What are your thoughts?

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