Digital Art – Is It Art?

digital art

Digital Art

Digital art has long been a bone of contention among the more traditional art galleries, both online and physical. What has changed? Historically, digital painting has had a somewhat staged appearance. The advent of modern digital artist’ tools has drastically changed this. Twisted Brush is one such program. In this program there is a veritable plethora of tools, brushes, textures, paints, charcoals etc. Way too many too list.
Mastering a program such as this is not a simple task. It takes dedication and skill. A steady hand is needed to get good results using pressure sensitive graphics tablets. It is may well be harder to achieve a decent line freehand on a tablet than on a canvas. There are other programs like Draw Plus or Gimp, but those are not dedicated drawing programs in the sense of artistic endeavors. In no way does the endorsement of digital forms deduct the respect I have for those who have mastered the skills needed to paint successfully. I paint and also use Twisted Brush. Nothing done on the latter has been worth printing as yet!! My artworks that have sold were all of the traditional painted type. So is it an art form? Of course it is. Sell Your Art