Problems Going Forward With COVID-19

COVID-19 and Social Distancing

Social distancing was introduced to battle the war against COVID-19, what will happen with future possible viral infections?

Take a look at the New York skyline. New York is one of the worst affected areas with COVID-19. I believe this is due to the difficulty with social distancing where we have people living in high-density housing.

Australia is blessed being an island and also with being sparsely populated in many areas. What worries me is the way land is now released for building a home on. Too many suburbs are a sea of roofs when looked at from above.

Perth skyline at night

We, in Australia, are beginning to squeeze more and more blocks into every acre of land. In my opinion, local councils should only be allowing developments where people actually have space to breathe.

I do not think this just because of the risk of community spreading of a virus.

It is also because I believe that people need space from their neighbours. Kids need a back yard to play in. Residents need to be able to play the TV or music at a higher volume without the people next door hearing it too.

High-density housing breeds frustration. That frustration can turn into anger and violent crime would increase.

So, once COVID-19 has been defeated, lets alter our future by building less dense housing which would see us back to the days when “A mans home is his castle.”