Covid-19 Coronavirus Idiots

COVID-19 Coronavirus idiots are the people that still ignore warnings.

Our government is doing everything they can think of to stop the spread and ultimately eliminate COVID-19 Coronavirus from our country.

How to wash your hands

Western Australia has now closed its borders to prevent anyone who may not know that they have contracted the virus from entering WA. Premier Mark McGowan has been doing a fantastic job but his efforts and the efforts of all the staff thinking of ways to stop the spread, all the health workers frontline staff such as police and ambos, IS WASTED.

How to Wash Your Hands

Please people, wash your hands thoroughly and often. Sing the “Happy Birthday” song to yourself as a timer while washing your hands.

And to all the real idiots, you know who you are, stop going out needlessly. We have one guy who is supposedly self-isolating in a hotel. But he has sneaked out twice to visit his girlfriend in another suburb.

If his girlfriend sees this post, my advice to you is DUMP HIM! He is an idiot and will likely cause you nothing but grief in the long run.

Let us all take a moment to applaud the efforts of everyone involved in stopping the spread and those dedicated health professionals who put themselves at risk daily.