Australian Cricket In Tatters

Australian Cricket In Tatters

Since the debacle of what happened in South Africa, Australian cricket in tatters has been the subject of much discussion.

Two of the people involved made statements quickly, Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft. The third, David Warner used his child (carried in his arms) at the airport as a shield, protecting himself from the media frenzy that awaited his arrival.

The apology

After two days, David Warner appeared at a press conference where he said he apologised to the fans, the club, his family, South Africa and just about everyone else for having cheated, saying in short that he was there to take responsibility for his own actions.

Regardless of the questions then asked, the same answer was repeated over and over again. It was obvious that he had been coached in what to say. It has now been reported that he did have someone write his statement for him.

I do not know if this is true but it would seem to fit with how David Warner spoke at the press conference. Should he be getting treated with more empathy?

What are your thoughts?