A Slice Of Life Novel

A Slice Of Life, A Novel by Hamish McKenna

A Slice Of Life is a novel I recently enjoyed reading. Written by Australian author, Hamish McKenna, the story travels through parts of Scotland that include Glasgow suburbs and the “West Highland Way.”

I read somewhere else that the West Highland Way includes some historic locations. For example, it travels through the forest where Robert The Bruce cut his bows from the Yew trees needed at the Battle of Culloden.

Novel Excerpt

Below is an excerpt from the book A Slice Of Life used by kind permission of Hamish McKenna click the name to view the options he has for purchasing the novel.

The rutting season was just getting underway for the red deer. There were none of those nearby or the chances were that they would never have gotten to sleep, as the stags tend to roar ferociously all night in the rutting season.

So sleep came to them both very gradually as the creatures of the night sang their unique lullaby to them from the still night outside.

And another:

She wished Nick didn’t have such a fabulous memory for the macabre war and history books he was forever reading.

Shaking the feelings off, she strode forward towards Murdock Wood. This was much nicer as there were several birds singing and little finches flitting through the trees between the odd Hawthorn bushes that were dotted throughout the woods

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