9 Coronavirus restrictions in WA are to be relaxed

Coronavirus Restrictions Update

Coronavirus restrictions in WA are to be relaxed further in phase four. Here’s what it means for you.
1. Up to 30,000 fans could attend football games.
2. You can drink alcohol standing up
3. The limit on public gatherings is to be canned. Currently, the maximum is 300 people.
4. The state two-square-metre rule will apply, while everywhere else in the country a four-square-metre rule continues.
For good hygiene, wash your hands for 20 seconds. Its not much time out of your life to save it!
5. You can take to the dancefloor again
6. The requirement to provide your name and phone number at the door is going, as are patron registers.
7. Unseated performances at concert halls and pubs will be OK.
8. Stadiums can go up to 50 per cent of capacity.

That would mean 30,000 fans could be at Optus oval

9. Gyms will be able to operate unstaffed (24hr gyms) although regular cleaning will still be required.

Well done Mark McGowan